Yahweh’s Plan For Mankind



Yahweh has a plan for mankind. He’s working to offer salvation to the entire human race, and the blueprints for how are in plain sight—the biblical Holy Days.

Starting with the death and resurrection of Yahshua Messiah—our Passover—and culminating with the new heaven and new earth, Elohim’s festivals give us a glimpse of what He is doing to offer eternal life for all.

Discover for yourself the rich history and bright future these days depict. You may go visit our affiliate site or just simply click this to read and learn more about Yahweh’s Holy Day plan. Take care and blessings to all.


Will You Go To Heaven When You Die?


Perhaps you’ve had to say farewell to a mother or father, laid to rest a brother, sister or maybe say goodbye to a spouse or best friend. Have you wondered what’s happened to them? Where have they gone? After a loved one dies you may feel extreme emotions such as shock and disbelief, making it difficult to accept what’s happened. You desperately want to know the truth. Is the dead in your family or a dead friend looking down to you from heaven right at this moment? You’re skeptical, not completely sure about your own speculation. And someday you’ll think: What about me? What will happen to me when I die? You need to know what God has said about this vital topic. A top Christian website has all the facts and the interesting truths about death and dying that you can read here now.

Are You Baptized Based On Bible?


What do you see spiritually at yourself when you look in the mirror? Do you honestly believe you don’t need God’s forgiveness? Do you think you need a Savior now and not later? How did you get baptized as a child, or maybe as an infant? Did you ever think if your baptism is really valid and acceptable in God’s eyes? These are truly life or death questions, because your salvation and gift of eternal life depends upon your very answer! This Christian website discuss in detail what is the correct baptism according to the Bible.